Think Globally, Study Locally

University College Dublin ensures that its students stay relevant by giving them a ‘glocal’ edge.

Going glocal is the way businesses operate these days. And no, “glocal” is not a typo – this corporate catchphrase is made up of the words, global and local.

In his book, Glocalisation: Time-Space and Homogeneity-Heterogeneity, sociologist Roland Robertson wrote that in business, glocalisation is essentially the tailoring of goods and services to suit differentiated local markets. To put it simply, having diversity in different markets sells.

But in order to capitalise on local opportunities, businesses first need to understand the global environment. The University College Dublin (UCD), one of the many renowned university partners at Kaplan in Singapore, felt that it is important for students to go beyond understanding businesses in their own environment and to understand it from the global perspective.

Hence, UCD has imbued the concept of glocalisation into its range of part-time and full-time business studies degree programmes. Popular programmes include Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) (Honours) in Management (Top-up), BBS (Honours) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Top-up), and BBS (Honours) in Finance (Top-up).

Acclaimed education

The UCD College of Business is an elite business school awarded with the Triple-Crown accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB), the Association of Master of Business Administrations (AMBA) and the European Foundation for Management Development Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).

It is also ranked within the top one per cent of universities worldwide, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017.

“Our up-to-date curriculum, excellent teaching facilities and world-class academics ensure that our graduates are properly prepared,” said Dr Orna O’Brien, who is the director of the centre for Distance Learning Programme Office and school manager at UCD College of Business.

According to her, UCD revises its modules yearly to keep the content relevant through international associations and employer feedback.

The glocal advantage

Based on over 20 years of experience in Asia, the faculty staff at UCD believes that the concepts taught to understand businesses are too broad and might not be applicable to every business. Hence, UCD brings the best practices done globally to a local context so that students can apply these business ideas at workplaces in the region.

To give students the “UCD glocal edge”, the curriculum keeps them abreast of how world-class experts and industry leaders transform the business landscape. Key developments in the fields, captured in articles, form part of the students’ reading materials.

The programmes are taught by UCD’s teaching staff (flown in from the Belfield campus in Dublin) and local lecturers. This allows students to gain a global perspective from an international university (UCD faculty), with local contextualisation from local lecturers. In addition, three UCD lecturers are based in Kaplan to support UCD students and help them develop rapport with the local market.

Cultural immersion

Students enrolled in the business studies programme have the option to attend the university in Dublin for a semester or take two weeks of summer classes at UCD, which also gives them a chance to stay in campus and experience university life and culture there.

The chance to branch out of Singapore can help students gain cultural awareness from a local perspective, said Dr O’Brien. Learning to adapt to a new environment is a necessary skill to survive in the workforce as well.

Classroom dynamics also come into play to increase cultural awareness. The diverse population at UCD presents opportunities for students to work with people of different cultures and develop soft skills such as cross-cultural management.

All set for the industry

Students can look forward to an academic experience that hones their critical and reflective thinking skills. UCD graduates will be equipped with contemporary business knowledge and key interpersonal skills that are needed for them to succeed in the workplace today.

“Our graduates complete the programme with very strong employable skills,” said Dr O’Brien.

“Employers respond well to our student’s knowledge and skills that are picked up from our programmes. UCD graduates also benefit from our university being a well-recognised global university that stands for a quality education.”

Select from a suite of disciplines that matches your career aspirations by enrolling in the University College Dublin’s (UCD) Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) or Master of Science Degree programmes.

Source: TODAYonline dated 4 August 2017; copyright: MediaCorp Pte Ltd. Permission required for reproduction.