Faculty insights: Information Management


Disruptive technologies, bitcoin and the blockchain

Professor Donncha Kavanagh
Professor of Information and Organisation
PhD Director

In this interview, Professor Donncha Kavanagh discusses Disruptive Technologies and their potential impact on industry. He shares insights into Bitcoin and the Blockchain as an interesting example of a Disruptive Technology.


Strategic management of enterprises

Professor Pat Gibbons
Jefferson Smurfit Professor of Strategic Management

In this interview, Professor Pat Gibbons discusses his research around the strategic management of enterprises. He shares insights into the challenges faced by firms to deliver results in the short term while also positioning the firm for the future.


Machines making decisions

Dr. James McDermott
Lecturer in Business Analytics

One of the biggest trends in analytics is in the field of machine learning, particularly in neural networks and deep learning. But what we haven’t seen, yet, is this type of method making big, one-off decisions — the decisions that have to be made at executive level in business, in government, and elsewhere. In this interview, Dr. James McDermott discusses his research in this area.


Business analytics and operations research

Dr. Paula Carroll
Centre for Business Analytics

In this interview, Dr. Paula Carroll discusses her research in the area of Business Analytics and Operations Research. Dr. Carroll shares insights into how we can use analytics and mathematical modelling to help solve real world business problems.


Natural computing and smart business systems

Professor Michael O’Neill
ICON Chair of Business Analytics

In this interview, Professor Michael O’Neill discusses his research which focusses on creating the next generation of Smart Business Systems. He shares insights into how we can take inspiration from the natural world around us to build intelligent and adaptive business systems.

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